The Hypocrisy of the Democratic Socialists

From the media to the Congress and the average citizens that constantly attack the President of the United States of America. What has he done that is impeachable? I don’t want to hear about how you feel about him. Legally what has he done? Has he done anything that any other president has done?

The latest outrage from the left is this conversation with the Ukraine President. They want to run him out of office over third party hearsay. This was before the transcript was released or they even saw the whistle blowers statement. President Trump did release the transcript and they did release the statement from the CIA lesion to the White House. What we learned from the documents is that there is nothing wrong with what the President did. NOTHING!

But from his own mouth EX-VP Biden did use his influence and position to have a foreign investigator fired from looking into his son’s position on the board of a energy company. By saying you have six days to do it or I will withhold one billion in aid. You can google it and find out what he said . But do you hear anyone from the left saying that yeah that is messed up we need to look into that. Since Biden is running now for President of the United States. I did see ABC sent a reporter to Ukraine to talk to the inspector that was fired and he said it was a political decision.

From what I can tell is that President Trump said to the Ukraine President that as long as your looking into corruption in your own government could you look into what happened with the Biden issue.

I don’t even know why the Democrats even brought up this issue as they are still looking at investigations into the whole Hillary opposition research she did on the President. And everyone agrees that both sides do opposition research on the other. But what Biden did was bribe a leader of another country while in office. I don’t know what else you would call it.

The problem is the media and most all the left won’t even cover it. They are not interested in telling the whole story just want they want to get the American people to believe. The people can’t and don’t trust the media anymore and for good reason. I myself don’t trust any of them I try to gather as much info as I can to make a decision. Even then I wait for a few days to see if anything else comes to light. Things are never as they seem at first blush.

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  • Today they say another whistle blower has come forward. Did he have enough time to compose his story with what the President transcript said? I’m sure the Dems have gone over it to make sure its properly worded.

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