Trump’s War With The Democrats

The Democrats have another whistle blower. Someone else has supposedly come forward to say they were in the room and have first hand knowledge of what happened. I don’t know what they think they heard but the President has release the transcripts of the call. The President of Ukraine has come out and said that nothing like what they are saying, happened. He felt no pressure to do anything, from the President. So if you don’t like the President and don’t believe that he is leading the country the way you think he should. You can turn whistle blower and smear him.

There are people that don’t want the President to succeed. The Democrats have been trying to get him out of office sense the election. But they are not the only ones. There are many groups along with most of the media that are if not making up stories are not reporting all the things he is doing right and good for the country.

I didn’t vote for President Obama and I don’t think he was good for the country. But I stood up and cheered when they took out Osama bin Laden. I also grudgingly always admitted he was my President.

So what are the Democrats afraid of? Could it be the Barr investigation, the upcoming 2020 election which you have to admit the President has no real competition running against him. Maybe its the Supreme Court picks he may have between now and the election, or the four more years after the election. My thoughts are its all the above. But more importantly its the indictments that will turn over all the corruption that Barr will reveal soon. I’ve been wrong before but it’s just what I think

As of this writing Polesi has not held a vote on articles of impeachment. What is she afraid of? If she believes in her convictions go ahead and have the vote. My view is that she knows the evidence is bogus. If the House was so interested in rutting out corruption why didn’t they go after Biden when he was the VP? Its all politics and they all play the game. I just wonder how much tax payer money has gone to line their pockets. Give a billion to some foreign government and whats wrong with kicking a few million back.

Will they stop their attacks? Will the media start reporting at least some of the good things the President has done. Is doing and will do in the next 5 years. Time will tell.

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