Democrats Hopefuls

What is the reason the Democrats are putting forth so many that are so far left, they are called socialists? The only one running that seems even remotely moderate is Tulsi Gabbard. Do they seriously think the American people would vote for a Socialist?

Now I know there are millions of young men and women that have little to no knowledge as to what socialism is and how its effects have killed over a hundred million people in the last century. But with all the coverage over the candidates running for President of our country. You would think the majority of them would do a little due diligence and read up on what something is about before voting for someone that will change our whole way of life.

Socialism has not worked in any country at any time in the history of the world. I am not talking about a small group or a family structure. I am talking about on a country or nation level. Every country that has tried it has failed or has had to transition to a capitalist system of some kind.

It all comes down to human nature. In a system that gives people the basic needs, it robs them of the desire to be productive. Then you have the leaders that reap all the perks and they become greedy and want more. It draws the type of people that prey on others for their own power and benefit. Once in power they almost never want to give it up.

It seems that in a nation of 350 million people, we somehow only find the most self centered people to run for office. They may start out saying that they are working for the people and whats best for the country, but soon it becomes clear that they are only in it for themselves. How is it that they can go into office firmly in the middle class and come out as multi millionaires.

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