The Impeachment of the President.

What is the purpose of the impeachment process? Is it to let the President of the United States know he has committed high crimes? The definition of impeachment is that you bring charges against a official for Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors

Congress has identified three general types of conduct that constitute grounds for impeachment, although these categories should not be understood as exhaustive: (1) improperly exceeding or abusing the powers of the office; (2) behavior incompatible with the function and purpose of the office; and (3) misusing the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain.

So today the Congress of Representatives is trying to impeach President Trump. They have had numerous investigations that have pretty much gone nowhere and blew up in their faces. It seems that they have selective amnesia when it comes to what they have done in the past. Or maybe they are short sighted and think that when they come back in power, that they won’t do the same things that the President is doing now. That other Presidents have done in the past.

You could think that the Democratic party is doing nothing but obstructing the President at every turn to keep the people of America thinking he is not doing anything right. Then there is the media that is their mouth piece to the public. I am not sure who is leading who though. Its clear that the media is putting out everything that the Democratic house is feeding them. Also they seem to be giving the Democrats talking points and at time, false narratives.

Its seems obvious that the Democrats are not interested so much in upholding the rule of law or the Constitution. But more along the lines of just getting the President out of office by any means necessary. They no sooner lose one impeachment attempt and immediately jump to some other illusion of a crime that they most likely made up. To say that the deep state is working day and night to out the President is a understatement.

To the American people. Be very careful who you vote for in the next election. The ones that are doing this to the President could even more easily turn that on you the people that put them in office. All the people that are running for the office of the President are running on issues that will strip you of your freedoms. Don’t think for a moment that they aren’t.

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