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This Congress is the most treasonous in American history hiding behind corruption, PC lies & legal abuses. A diversity of progressive, extremist and many damaging ideologies emerge, promoted, expanded & rooted to stay & deepen in our already deeply corrupted systems. Socialism, communism, terrorism, anarchism, activism & globalism ideologies converge in one party. Their utmost agenda is to deny democracy & target American’s wealth, destroy laws & orders through systematic abuses in total obscurity. There will never be any precedence for as long as dishonest media, abusive judges, corrupted politicians & agents leaders are still colluded & corrupted to plot & frame their rivals while intentionally lied & ignored and violated protocols by hundreds, still unpunished or even appraised to sell books. It was the same case for SC nominations and no legal actions were taken against smears attacks or orchestrated political lies.

A comment I found on Fox News. Thought it captured things pretty well.

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