Iran’s Response to America

Last Friday the President authorized the armed forces to take out a terrorist. They found out the Iranian general a person that has been labeled a terrorist by the international body NATO, was flying into Iraq. They used a unmanned drone to hit his car and killed him and three other men riding with him.

A few days later, Iran fired ten to fifteen missles at U.S. air bases in Iraq. They failed to hit anything of importance or kill anyone at that time. EXCEPT! They somehow shot down a passenger plane from Ukraine. Killing 176 souls. Now you have to ask yourself did they target this plane by mistake? Did someone at the controls say I want to shot something. Did someone have a itchy trigger finger? Was the Russian anti aircraft system on automatic? We may never know as the Iranian government is being quiet about it all. Not even turning over the black boxes to investigators.

It would have been prudent to have picked up the phone and told the control tower to hold all flights for a couple of hours. Everything that happened that night makes Iran look like bumbling idiots. This is a military force the world is suppose to be afraid of? If I were flying over or to their country I would be.

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