China And The Growing Unrest

China just celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. But it may not see another decade as it is today. The world is waking up to the communist country. The ruling class in China are trying to quell the unrest in Hong Kong with force. The people are resisting with riots and demonstrations. China has moved the army to the coast with Hong Kong. Things don’t look good for the people wanting the freedom they had under Great Briton.

China should look to history to see that communism has never stood the test of time. The leaders of China are either blind to the facts or they are ignoring them. Most likely they just don’t want to give up the power they have. But the people of China are watching Hong Kong and they will most likely not stay quiet for long.

China has moved to let some capitalism into its borders. But for the most part its state run or the state has the ability to step in and take over the business. People that don’t go along with the state soon disappear unless they are so successful that they can slip out of the country and to a nation that will give them some form of protection.

China is right now, the worlds second largest economy. With over a billion people it could easily be largest. The biggest thing holding China back is its leaders.

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