The Virus of China

The latest of this writing is a new bird flu that has sprung up in the Hunan Province. The Coronavirus that sprang up in December was downplayed by the China Government and didn’t get the attention it deserved until January the 20th.  China’s African swine fever outbreak that sweep their country last year devastated their pig population by half. That is somewhere near 20 million tons. The price of pork has skyrocketed if you can find it. They are still finding it in places so that is not over yet. Then there was the SARS pandemic that was back in 2003. So why are all these viruses seem to originate in China? In China, at least 304 people have died and 14,380 people have been infected with the Coronavirus across the country, according to the government on Saturday.

Major countries are shutting down their borders to China. China is quarantining major cites. To the tune of somewhere close to 40 million people total. Hong Kong just announced that Nurses in Hong Kong are threatening to go on strike if the city doesn’t shut its border with mainland China. Some nurses have already engaged in unauthorized sickouts to protest what they say is a lack of action by Hong Kong officials. Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, this week also ordered all ferry service to China to be halted, but she stopped short of fully closing the border.

Americans coming back from China are now being quarantined in 8 air force bases in the United States. They will be at one of them for 2 weeks to see if they come down with it. So far I have seen reports that say there are 8 cases in the United States.

To date 24 countries are showing cases of the Coronavirus.

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