The House Impeachment of President Trump

I have listen to some of the three days, the House Managers have argued in the Senate for the impeachment of the President. Its mostly what they have said before but taking three days to say it over and over again. It seems like they feel they have the authority to tell the Senate that they need to finish doing their job for them. As in collecting information to use against the President. It also seems that the House Managers also want the senate to vote on what they deem necessary for their needs and what they believe to be true.

So far there have been ten amendments to the senate rules and all were tabled along party line votes. The amendments were to bring people and documents to the hearing to present evidence. This was suppose to be done in the House! But they rush to articles through and passed them also along party line votes to impeach. To do this without gathering the required evidence seems a bit short sighted and inept. And to do this while trying to impeach the President of the United States seems doomed to failure. But they pushed it through and passed it. Now they want the Senate to do their job for them. To what end? They know there is no proof for the generic terms of impeachment they passed. So maybe they are thinking that something may turn up in the new inquiry. Maybe they are just trying to tie up the President to keep him from doing anything else to make them look bad. To be honest who knows what they are thinking. I have heard rumors that they want to make the Republicans look bad to take more seats in the Senate. From where I sit, it may end up making the Democrats loose seats in the House. You can’t look this stupid and expect no one to notice.

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