The Tech Wars Are Starting and Government is pushing it.

Tech giant Twitter, Facebook and Amazon have shut down conservatives web sites and users. As of this morning I can’t access Parler and Gab. Apple and Google have taken the apps from their app stores. The President has been taken off Twitter and Facebook along with many others. Claiming that he is inciting valance.

During the summer of 2020 when Seattle and Portland and other cities across America were seeing riots and looting. When Antifa and BLM were burning and destroying businesses across America. The Democrats and Socialist in our Government called it peaceful protests and did nothing to stop it. Police were told to stand down and let them do what they want to do. Hell local, state and federal officials even started joining the radicals wanting to defund the police. Look for your tax dollars go towards rebuilding these failed cities that were mostly run by Democrats for decades.

Now they hold a majority in both houses and Biden will be sworn in as President in a few days. I look for things to get a lot worse before or even if things start to get better. Biden and Harris will roll back all the gains that America has seen under President Trump. They have already announced how they will roll back and stop Trumps policies. The FBI is already going after conservative demonstrators. Yes the people that broke into the capital should be held accountable. But it really looks like the left is using a heavy hand on conservatives more so than they did on the left Antifa and BLM.

When well over half of America thinks that an election was rigged and stolen. When our elected officials seem to try and hide the process and are not transparent. When the people and even the states can’t take a case to the courts to be heard. Even to the Supreme Court the highest in our nation. What is left for the people to do? The American people will not just roll over and give up. We never have and never will. The vast majority of Americans believe and support their Constitution. Our Government the major news media networks and it seems now the major social media companies along with a lot of the big corporation’s are supporting the socialist movement.

Only time will tell how things will turn out. But patriots have fought for freedom from oppression and tyranny before. From a government that did not give them a voice. Or a way to get redress from grievances. The Democrats have and are trying to shut down any and all opposition from the American people. They seem to want a ruling class to dictate what the people can and can’t do. They are using the media platforms to send their messages out and silence the opposition. If President Trump has done anything, it’s to show the people what the Democrats and socialist are really trying to do to America.

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