The National Guard Can’t be Trusted According to Democrats.

Well the Dems are back to demonising the military and law enforcment again.

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said in a statement on Monday that the Department of Defense has not received any intelligence indicating a potential insider threat to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 20.

However, Miller added that the department is “leaving no stone unturned in securing the capital,” noting that all National Guardsmen deployed to Washington, D.C. will be vetted.

As we all know all know National Guards troops in DC. Around thirty thousand of them, are made up of mostly white males. According to the the polls, ninety percent of the white males in the military voted for President Trump. The Democrats have been touting for years that the white males are white supremist and racist. But only if your right leaning or conservative. Well that’s a lot of Americans to throw into that category.

Now if you were a Democrat politician you would be afraid of walking out your front door and see a Trump supporter around every bush. It seems like they are afraid that the military are going to attempt a coup at the inauguration on the 20th. With all those Trump voting white males that are suppose to be guarding them and keeping them safe.

To all you old Democratic Americans, do you even recognize your party anymore? The Democrats are losing voters every election cycle and they are going to the Republican party.

If the Republicans can put up a candidate that will put forward the same policies Trump did we can take back our government. But first lets take back the House and Senate.

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