War Over Constitution at the Heart of Our Country’s Division


A war over the Constitution has brought divisions in America to a “truly unhealthy” level, according to Roger L. Simon, co-founder of PJ Media and a senior political analyst for The Epoch Times.

“We have a war over the Constitution going on now. That’s probably the heart of the big split,” Simon told Joshua Phillip, host of EpochTV’s “CrossRoads” program.

“I think the divisions reached the level of being truly unhealthy,” Simon continued. “What’s going on is a bloodsport, and it’s extremely worrisome to me as a relatively old guy—very well worried about the future generations.”

Simon mentioned that his daughter is turning 23 soon and the world she’s moving into is not the world anybody over 50—or even over 30, 40—lived in.

“I think there’re two countries” in America, Simon said. “That’s really what’s happened.”

However, the ongoing Maricopa County, Arizona, forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election could lead to “a more extreme split,” predicted Simon.

Epoch Times Photo
Maricopa County ballots cast in the 2020 general election are examined and recounted by contractors working for Florida-based company, Cyber Ninjas, at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Ariz., on May 6, 2021. (Matt York/AP Photo/Pool)

The final report for Maricopa’s audit, which started on April 23, is expected to be out in August.

Democrats have largely opposed the audit. The Department of Justice wrote a letter in May to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, expressing concerns with the audit. The move was criticized by Republicans as an attempt to block the audit.

“If they do find fraud, of course, it’s not going to be believed,” Simon said. “It’s going to be disputed immediately by the left, the current administration, the mainstream media—all of it—that they’re going to find some way to discredit it, and they’re going to work as hard as they can to discredit it.”

“On the other hand, those 75 million or more Trump voters are going to have their vote validated, and they’re going to be thinking the opposite,” Simon added. “So what’s going to happen is a more extreme split than we’ve had, but it’s almost an inevitable thing that’s going to happen.”

Simon said it’s very hard to know exactly what will happen, because neither the current Department of Justice, nor the Supreme Court is likely to solve this problem.

Simon also said that Big Tech and the educational system “work together in a horrible way” to suppress free speech, which has contributed to the split.

“I graduated from two Ivy League schools, and I don’t recognize them anymore. They are now kind of ‘Institutes of Woke,’” Simon said. “When I went to both of those schools, you could say anything you want. Now you can’t say anything.”

Simon graduated from Dartmouth College and the Yale University.

Simon pointed out that Big Tech sees the Chinese communist system as “more efficient than democracy.”

He noted that Google has already tried to develop a censored search engine specifically for the Chinese regime, a project know as Dragonfly.

“The actual battle is going to occur via this election recount—that will determine whether our country goes back to the Constitution, or goes all the way to China,” Simon continued. “Because these people, these tech giants, voted for China a long time ago.”

However, he said that things are not all doom and gloom, noting a grassroots movement to return to the Constitution.

“I see it going on here in Tennessee right now with the rank and file,” he said. “Everybody’s turning back to the Constitution and saying to their legislators, ‘Looky here—we run the show here in our own hometowns.’”

“And this is very good, because I think that [Thomas] Jefferson and [James] Madison really would be smiling down on that, because that’s what they were hoping would happen,” Simon continued.

Simon noted the Founding Fathers tried to limit the power of the federal government and give more power to the states.

“And actually, it is happening. And I think that’s one of the most optimistic things about our country right now,” Simon said.

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  • This war has been going on for decades the people on the right and that support the Constitution have just rejected the idea that Americans wanted to change it. But it’s hard to argue that Obama and Trump brought out the Democratic-Socialists to the public. Who knows how long they have been manipulating the votes to put their preferred candidate in office. But for the American public that have their eyes opened for the first time, it’s obvious. I for one am waiting for the results to come out and I will except what they find. As it seems to be an honest audit. But I will only vote for those that have a history of upholding the Constitution in future elections.
    We need to pay attention to the ties they have with other countries as it seems that other countries are infiltrating our government.

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