Biden Voters Owe The Country An Apology

Christopher Tremoglie 

President Biden’s African travel ban went into effect Monday. Biden’s actions here directly contradict what he said when former President Donald Trump instituted similar travel bans to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, they lay bare an underlying insincerity about Biden’s entire handling of the pandemic.

When Trump did this exact same thing, Biden stoked the flames of racial hatred to get elected. Now, nearly a full year into his first term, Biden is the dog that caught the car. He duped 81 million people into voting for him and he has no clue what he is doing. Biden voters owe the country an apology. They are responsible for our current mess. And every bit the mess that the approval ratings suggest it is. From foreign policy, to immigration, to crime, to inflation, to gas prices, there is absolutely nothing going better today than on Jan. 19, 2020.

And incredibly, despite the vaccinations that were developed rapidly under Trump, Biden cannot even claim to have made progress with the pandemic.

Portrayed as a unifier on the campaign, Biden is as divisive as his predecessor, if not more so. It’s one thing to honestly believe that Trump’s travel bans were discriminating based on race. It is another to deceive the public by demonizing and criticizing Trump as a racist, only to turn around and do exactly the same thing.

Many cited Trump’s pandemic actions as a reason they voted for Biden, who campaigned on “having a plan” to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. But more Americans have died from COVID-19 under Biden than under Trump, even with Biden having the benefit of hindsight that Trump lacked in early 2020.

It’s not that Biden did anything particularly wrong that led to an excess number of deaths. It’s just that his criticism of Trump was always hollow political theater. He never had a plan to do better — he just lied about that part. So if you are unhappy with the death toll during 2021, blame Biden voters for being suckers.

Gas prices under Biden have skyrocketed. This is partly due to Biden’s energy strategy of making the U.S. more reliant on foreign oil and less energy-independent. Even now, Biden continues to heap greater financial burdens upon the companies that wish to drill on federal land, which again translates to that much less oil exploration and that much higher prices. Blame the Biden voter.

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Consider inflation. After a long run-up in median household income under Trump, Biden’s inflation has negated those gains. And although it is unfair to lay the blame for inflation solely on Biden, his decisions have contributed to it, and he is advocating a spending package that would make it even worse. Several high-profile Obama economic advisers have lambasted Biden for his decision-making and the resulting inflation. Some of these even advised Biden during his campaign — now they warn that his policies will result in “the highest inflation in more than half a century.” Again, if you’re unhappy with this, blame the Biden voter.

Biden already had a long track record of screw-ups and of dishonesty — his plagiarism is just one manifestation of this. But a lot of people chose to vote for him anyway. They were hoodwinked by his false promises. The road to recovery begins with apologies to those you have wronged, and Biden voters owe the country an apology.

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