No President Lost Public’s Confidence Faster Than Biden

By Sandy Fitzgerald

President Joe Biden has lost the confidence of the public because he’s not the moderate voters believed him to be when choosing him for the nomination, Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser for former President Donald Trump and founder of America First Legal, said Sunday. 

”No president has lost the faith and confidence more quickly and more totally than Joe Biden has,” Miller said on Fox News’ ”Sunday Morning Futures,” which was hosted Sunday by Fox Business personality Larry Kudlow, Trump’s former chief economic adviser.

”He was elected as the nominee by Democratic voters because they perceived him as being on the moderate flank of his party,” Miller added.

But over the past year, Biden has ”governed unrelentingly as a Marxist,” Miller said. 

”Everything that we are seeing, record crime, record illegal immigration, record inflation, record spending and gas prices, all of these things together are because of specific policy choices that were made,” he said. 

That’s because Biden is ”controlled by his staff and his aides, not just the senior staff, but mid-level aides,” Miller said, pointing to the president’s response to the ”let’s go, Brandon” jeer that was made on Biden’s NORAD phone calls for Christmas Eve. 

”He doesn’t know what ‘let’s go, Brandon’ means because he doesn’t consume any of his own information,” Miller said. ”He is sheltered and controlled, unlike President Trump, who as you know where he would say I read this report, this report, and that report as well. I would like a reaction and analysis. It’s the opposite … Joe Biden. He has no input.”

Miller added that Biden’s staff ”sees him as a vessel” to implement liberal policies that are ”soft on crime” and feature high taxes and welfare. 

”He is their vessel and we are suffering as a result,” Miller said. 

Meanwhile, Republicans will need to communicate a ”crystal-clear plan” to retake the House and Senate, he said. 

Stephen Miller: No President Lost Public's Confidence Faster Than Biden
Stephen Miller, former White House senior adviser and director of speechwriting,  speaks July 11, 2021, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

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”That includes exactly what they are going to do when they retake the majority and we need to have a plan to seal the southern border,” Miller said. ”I would make sure that that is one of the first if not the first right out of the gate. And that includes bringing back energy jobs, putting us into power.”

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  • This is what happens when you elect someone who is not fit for office. Then let a shadow group of people run the White House as the de facto President. Most Americans could see this coming. Whether they choose to admit it or not.

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