Winsome Sears sends message to Biden on US energy: ‘Take care of what you have command of’

By Fox News Staff 

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears called out President Biden over his energy policy on “Fox & Friends,” urging him to take control of “what he has command of” in terms of American energy production. The Republican U.S. Marine veteran said the U.S. can be energy independent, but the president outsourced production in the year leading up to the crisis in Ukraine

WINSOME SEARS: We were free from depending on outside countries for our energy, and as soon as he came into office, his first day, he killed the Keystone Pipeline, killed all those jobs, and all the other jobs with it, so we can be energy independent. And it depends on this president. Instead, he’s telling other countries like Saudi Arabia to release more oil, more barrels. Really? Why don’t you take care of what you have command of Mr. President, here? 

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