Democrats are terrified that Moms for Liberty will end left-wing indoctrination in schools

Opinion by Christopher Tremoglie 

Hell hath no fury like the Democrats’ scorn for Moms for Liberty.

These mothers have been attacked, vilified, bullied, doxed, and called every demeaning and negative name in the book. Why? Because mothers around the nation grew weary of the Left’s vice-like grip on the education industrial complex. These brave women decided to resist, fight back, and challenge left-wing ideological dominance in education by embracing the spirit of two simple words: “No more.”

Such defiance and desire to protect their children has petrified Democrats, liberals, and left-wingers everywhere. They fear the threat to the Left’s core values and sociopolitical monopoly on education that Moms for Liberty represents. For the first time in decades, left-wing bureaucrats in education have a worthy opponent in M4L — and they will do everything in their power to stop them.

Look no further than the recent unhinged rant against M4L by Levar Burton. The former Reading Rainbow star boasted of potentially having to use his hands against a group of mothers while hosting the National Book Awards ceremony on Wednesday. It was yet another threat of physical violence by someone on the Left as a method to suppress dissenting opinions.

“Before we get going, are there any Moms for Liberty in the house? No? Good,” Burton said. “Then hands will not need to be thrown tonight.”

It was so stunning and brave. What a courageous man to state at an award show his desire to punch mothers and women. It’s yet another example of the party of tolerance accepting diverse views. The awards happened in New York City in 2023, but Burton’s inflammatory rhetoric belonged in the 1923 Soviet Union.

But Democrats like Burton are undoubtedly afraid of the joyful warriors of Moms for Liberty. They don’t fear them in the way a mother should apparently be afraid of Burton’s fists at an awards ceremony. They are intimidated because M4L are disruptors and challenge the status quo of the widespread left-wing indoctrination in schools. It is why there is so much noise about supposed “book bans” but relative silence about academic performances in many schools and students’ inability to achieve basic math, science, and English proficiency.

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Moms for Liberty is feared because they bring accountability to the nation’s public schools. Democrats don’t really care about education. Their main objective when it comes to academics is indoctrination. They want to control students’ minds, not develop them. Moms for Liberty knew this and mounted a resistance to protect students from it.

That, and only that, is why Democrats are against Moms for Liberty. Everything else is the typical left-wing, faux outrage theatrical production and performative politics.

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