Trump Immigration Official Outlines Biden’s Border Role

By Sandy Fitzgerald 

Former acting U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services Director Joe Edlow will testify before a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday that the Biden administration has been disregarding the laws on immigration, and plans to outline policies that have focused on bringing in more migrants.

“The Biden Administration has taken many immigration and border security actions in the past three years but simply enforcing the law as written was never one of the options,” reports The Daily Caller on Edlow’s planned remarks.

“The memos, regulatory actions, and other policy-making efforts have been singularly focused on bringing in more individuals without viable claims to remain in the United States in flagrant disregard of the law as Congress intended,” his testimony also reads.

Edlow is now on the advisory board of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE), and wrote in his testimony that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportations have not been keeping up with illegal immigration after Biden took office.

He further pointed out that ICE has been removing migrants at a rate of 3.5% of the aggregate number of encounters between fiscal years 2021 and 2023 under Biden, as compared to a 32% aggregate under Trump.

“These actions have created instability, not only for national security, public safety, and the economy but for the aliens themselves who are allowed to remain in a quasi-status akin to limbo,” Edlow’s testimony reads. “The efforts undertaken by the administration have simply undermined our system and need to be reversed immediately.”

Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., while opening Wednesday’s hearing, blasted the administration for ignoring warnings from chief Border Patrol agents who have testified about how the border situation is setting records for illegal border crossings, migrant deaths, narcotics seized, and suspected terrorists arrested trying to illegally cross the border.

He further pointed out that no amount of money will solve bad policies on border security and immigration, and called for illegal activities at the border to meet with adequate and timely enforcement.

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