China could force Putin to leave Ukraine in ‘major shockwave to Moscow’

Story by Jacob Paul

China could force Vladimir Putin to leave Ukraine by withdrawing its support for Russia, an analyst has said.

Russia may be taking a pummelling from Western weapons and crippling sanctions as its war in Ukraine rages on.

But one reason why the Kremlin may be able to keep its bloody assault going is no thanks to China, which has reportedly been helping fuel Putin’s war machine.

According to John Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and Economic Geography at the University of Birmingham, this could all change if China alters its position.

He told Daily Express US: “China wants to win on all fronts, and this includes trying to balance the tension between supporting Russia and trying to alter the relationship with the US.

“Nevertheless, if China were to alter its stance on Ukraine, then this would send a major shockwave to Russia that would force the Kremlin to reconsider its options. One outcome might be a Russian retreat from Ukrainian territory.”

He did note that it is unlikely that Beijing’s position will shift. If it did, Prof Byrson said it would be “revolutionary”.

But this hasn’t stopped US Secretary of State Antony Blinken from trying. He visited China on a three-day visit this week as he scrambles to encourage China to rethink its position.

Currently, China provides Russia’s military with a range of vital supplies. These include microelectronics for its high-tech weapons, optics, cruise missile technology, and a weapons propellant called nitrocellulose.

Any reduction in the supply of these components and raw materials would present a significant “challenge for Russia”, Prof Bryson said.

Now, all eyes are on the Secretary of State he looks poised to warn China of sanctions if it continues to arm Russia with this technology.

But this will be difficult as both China and the US “have very particular views, interests, motivations, and desires.”

Prof Bryson said: “China needs to work with the US and other countries to try to stabilise the international economy.

“This includes reducing trade barriers but also trying to facilitate the end of conflicts that are dampening global economic growth.’

And Blinken has already been urged by powerful Chinese politicians not to rub China the wrong way.

Shanghai Communist party boss Chen Jining reportedly warned him on Thursday: “Whether China and the US choose co-operation or confrontation, it affects the wellbeing of both peoples, of nations and also the future of humanity.”

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  • The US could leverage imports from China. But one thing is for sure, China and Russia will at some point try to overthrow the other. Two communist nations won’t co-exist.

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