Californians Learn Consequence Of Newsom’s Spending Spree

Story by Jordan Andrews

California is facing a budget crisis with a projected record deficit of $73 billion, as reported by the Legislative Analyst’s Office.

The deficit increase is attributed to a $24 billion revenue erosion, leading to a $15 billion rise in the budget problem.

“The actual increase in the state’s budget problem will depend on a number of factors, including formula-driven spending changes, most notably Proposition 98 spending requirements for schools and community colleges,” the report read.

H.D. Palmer from California’s Department of Finance disputed the estimate, stating that $51 billion in tax receipts are expected.

“From now through April, more than $51 billion in income and corporate tax receipts are forecast to come in,” Palmer said. “No one can say today with certainty how those numbers may change the budget estimate of a $38 billion shortfall.”

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“A responsible step would be for the Legislature to act now on the early action budget measures needed for $8 billion in solutions to help close this gap,” he added.

The state’s population has been declining, with many residents leaving for states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Washington.

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  • I wonder how that deficit is looking now? It’s the end of April and not a word. You remember what they say about socialism and other peoples money right?

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