Employment, Wages and Salaries

Wages and salaries jump by 3.1%, highest level in a decade, time to start giving credit where credit is due.

We all want the economy to do good and create jobs and opportunity. Most of us want to work at a job that pays us a good wage and has some opportunity to advance. If we are honest with ourselves we will acknowledge that in the last two years we have seen a big sweep in job opportunities and pay increases. Some better than others but still a increase.

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Socialist in America

The socialists that have infiltrated our politics and schools in the last forty or fifty years. Saw an opportunity to take a giant leap forward when Barack Obama was elected. They did push through a lot of their agenda for the first two years. But when Donald Trump won out of no where in 2016 they were beside themselves with total shock. They instantly rallied and from that time


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A nice weekend ahead

Its going to be a beautiful day, the sun is out and its just cool enough to get some yard work done. I need to trim some trees and cut some firewood this weekend. Its a bit muddy so no dirt work.

Bomber Found

Feds detail probe that netted mail bomb suspect who targeted Dems, terrorized nation.  If he is found guilty he should be put away for the rest of his life. This is not what we want our country to come to. We are lucky that no one was hurt by these bombs. I hope that they have found all of them. I have to wonder though if anyone was helping him. I’m sure one person could do all that by himself but maybe not. I hope there is not another person out there with a bag of pipe bombs waiting to be mailed.

Democrates Outrage

Dem leaders slam Trump’s response to bomb threats: His ‘words ring hollow’ from MSN news.

They can’t even come together to condemn attacks on their own party if President Trump is for it. They won’t fix immigration and they won’t talk about the border wall. They won’t talk about or do anything that will make Trump look good or successful. Is it any wonder the American people are dropping out of the Democratic party? They have turned a blind eye to the American

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2nd Migrant Caravan

Second migrant caravan gathering in Guatemala , from Fox news.  I feel someone is pushing this to make America look bad. I don’t think the Democracts are behind it but it wouldn’t surprise me if another country was. There are plenty of them that would like to make America look bad on the world stage. Its just to much of a coincidence  that this many people would up and make a mad dash for the American border just before our election. Then  a few weeks later another one pops up. I suppose time will tell but I believe someone is pushing this. What happens when America does put troops on the border, to defend our borders.

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Voted Today

Exercised my right to vote today! I went at lunch and the line in the bottom picture was what I was greeted with. As I didn’t have time to wait in line I decided go come back after I got off work.


The next picture is what I had to deal with 2 hours later. A 45 minute wait to vote. I have been going to the early voting for quite a few elections back and I have never seen so many people show up for a early vote. We may see a record voting turnout this year. Wonder which way it will go? I have my suspicions and if I am right it won’t turn out good for the Democrats. This is only the second day!


Looking Forward 2020

The November elections are a few weeks away and I bet the rank and file of both parties have already started on the 2020 elections. So what will the Democrats be running on? Lets get rid of the Trump tax cuts? Lets give everyone free health care? Lets expand the government to make all this happen! The Republicans have done a lot of good in the last 2 years. But if they don’t find a way to start shrinking the  debt we are going to be in trouble. Heading towards 21 trillion we are already in trouble but as both parties have just kicked this down the road for the last couple decades we have come to were we are today. How will the 2018 elections effect 2020