Crowd Funding for Political Projects

I would like to see the progressives start a go fund me for health care. I would really like to see how many of them would voluntarily donate to buy other peoples health care insurance. But no they want to force everyone to pay. How about we put as much toward the wall as the Dems put towards Obamacare. Seems fair to me. At least we would have something to show for it.

So far people have donated 16 million for the border wall. President Trump campaigned on building a wall and securing the border. Half the country voted for him because of this. I think more than half of the people of this country want secure borders. So why are our leaders in Congress ignoring us? Why are the Democrats alienating themselves from half or more of the population of the United States? Do they think of themselves as untouchable? That they can’t or won’t be voted out?

I keep wondering if we didn’t have ten to twenty million illegals in the United States already would they be voting this way.

To the Congress of the United States! Think of how many people have donated and will donate to this cause. These are people that pay their taxes and still donate to build the wall that you are blocking. Come 2020 if things don’t change I would not want to be in your shoes. Your voting block and backers may still support you but I feel that they are going to be fewer and fewer in the future. Many more Americans are patriots than not and its very telling which side of the fence the hard line Democrats are on.

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