Border Wall Wars

The new house leader has already said that there will be no new money for a wall on our border. The Senate minority seems to be in lock step with her.

Trump on the other hand has said he won’t sign any bill that doesn’t have money for funding the wall. He ran his campaign on the border wall and half of the voting public elected him because of it. So why isn’t the Democratic party on board with it? They voted for a wall before, everyone of them. Could it be that Nancy just doesn’t want to upset the new Reps coming into the the house and lose her majority speaker position? Or could it be that the Democratic party as a whole doesn’t want to give President Trump any kind of a win?

I know that the American people see through what the Democrats are doing. We are not blindly following everything that the MSM is telling us either. At least I hope that the majority of us aren’t. But I still see a lot of people on chat groups that still think Trump stole the election and that he has not done any good for America. What is wrong with their minds. I mean yes I could see how some might think some of the things he has done might not be good for America but the overwhelming majority of his accomplishments have really helped the American people. Yes they have helped the corporations but that too has helped the American people. Wait until people start filling out their taxes for 2018 and see how much they will be getting back. Will NY and Calif be hurting? Well yes because they won’t be able to deduct all their state taxes. Well maybe those states should not impose so much in taxes on their people! My state has no state tax and we are doing just fine. To the people in those states tell your congress and governor to that its time to stop feeding off the poeple and get your house in order. The same goes for the federal government also.

But back to the wall war we have going on in our capital. I hope that the President holds to his guns and tells Polosi and Schumer they need to pony up the funds to build the wall. The Republicans have caved to the Democrats for too long. President Trump needs to draw his red line and stick to it. Let them know if they want to take this country down the path of socialism they will have a fight on their hands and the majority of American people the vast majority will fight them on it.

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