Democrats Running for President

As a conservative voter I am wondering if the Democrats are losing their party. How many of the people running for President are socialist? What will they run on? More taxes of the wealthy, climate change, open borders, more regulations, roll back President Trumps changes? Can they point to the economy and say its not doing good? Will they say we need smaller government that its to bloated? I can’t think of any thing that they would do that wouldn’t bring our country towards socialism. But then look at who the Democrats voted for last time.

Is this the way the Democratic Party wants to go? They have been leaning this way for several decades but never so openly. It was jaw dropping to see how many socialist were voted into office this last November. For the life of me I can’t see Americans voting for someone that is so openly socialist. Have they not studied history? Do they not listen to the news even today. There are still places in the world that are still trying to make socialism work with devastating results for its people. This is why we are having a crises at the border. They claim its only the top wealthy and the mega corporations they want to tax. But anyone will tell you that they would run out of money pretty quickly. Then who do you think they will tax next? Soon everyone would be taxed for the greater good. We would turn into a third world country in a few generation. With open borders and already over three hundred million people in the United States, it will collapse. The rich will always find a way to keep their money weather its to move out of the U.S. or find tax shelters to hide it. Don’t think that the Congress won’t find a way to keep their money as they are wealthy also. They won’t give up their money or power. It will turn into a serfdom under a Socialist government.

To be honest, it kind of feels like its going that way now. But it seems like the harder the President tries to roll back the powers of the congress and protect the people the harder the establishment fights him. I am also seeing very little support from the Republicans. The swamp is deep and they don’t want to give up power or be drug out into the light so every can see who they are. But as you can see its happening more and more every day.

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