TODAY asked men to celebrate Father’s Day with abortion cheerleading

by Zachary Faria

In honor of Father’s Day, NBC’s TODAY chose to ask men how abortion made them better fathers.

Because nothing says great parenting like ending the lives of unborn children.

TODAY spoke to eight fathers “who responded to a call-out on social media” about how aborting their unborn children made them better parents to the children they decided not to throw away. The stories are every bit as revolting as they sound.

In one, a man claims he “wouldn’t be a father without abortion” and that a “casual partner” of his had aborted a child before he met his wife. If both he and his wife hadn’t been able to “terminate an unwanted” child with their previous partners, they would never be “happily married” with a child of their own. What’s more, this man views his role “as a man and a father” to teach his 5-year-old son that “abortion is normal” and that “abortion has allowed me to live my life.”

You were convenient, little Tommy, so we chose not to terminate you — but we could have, and there would have been nothing wrong with it!

In another tale, a man says that abortion was necessary because he was arrested on charges of assault and resisting arrest after drunkenly attending a football game. His wife found out she was pregnant later that week, and she chose to get an abortion with his “full support.” Later, they had a child who was lucky enough not to come into existence at the time when his father had been arrested for drunkenness. So that one got to be born. “Now, we can parent the children we have with the focus and clarity they deserve.” In other words, that other child was better off dead, because I made terrible decisions.

Wow, father of the year!

Another father says that he and his wife only wanted two children, so they were “so grateful” to be able to get rid of a third when she got pregnant again. This father is “horrified” at the possibility that Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

Another father, a lawyer, said that two of his partners had gotten abortions and that he wouldn’t have been able to gain “personal and professional” experiences without aborting the first child. The second abortion came after his wife had already had a child, because the “foreseeable exhaustion and resentment and discord” of a second child would have been a “detriment” to his family. They could only tolerate the “resentment” that comes from having one child, apparently.

Much like how the media and abortion activists (but I repeat myself) try to convince women they can only be successful if they can abort their unborn children, TODAY wants young men to think the same.

Men are apparently allowed to have opinions on abortion after all, but only if that opinion is that abortion is fantastic and killing your unborn children helps you become a better father to those children you deem convenient.

How is that for a Father’s Day message?

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  • It still amazes me that men haven’t figured out how babies are made. If you don’t want kids don’t get women pregnant. There are many ways to keep this from happening. Aborting your child should never be the go to method!

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