Rep. Chip Roy’s border plan lands huge endorsement

By Conn Carroll

Getting upset about illegal immigration is easy. Actually coming up with a plan that unifies a party is hard. But it appears Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is doing exactly that.

This Monday, Roy published an op-ed at the Washington Examiner detailing his four-part plan to secure the border, including 1) End the abuse of “asylum” and release; 2) Complete all physical border infrastructure; 3) Require Immigration and Customs Enforcement to remove all illegal immigrants through full interior enforcement; and 4) Target cartels and criminal organizations.

On Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted a full-throated endorsement of Roy’s plan. “Here’s the plan to secure the border,” Abbott wrote. “Every Republican running for Congress must commit to this plan and then vote in favor of it. America needs this.”

America does need a secure border. As Roy wrote in his op-ed, “Today, if a migrant wants to enter the United States illegally, they pay a cartel to cross through the Rio Grande into the U.S. and then seek out the Border Patrol to claim asylum. Because of the Biden administration’s policies and existing loopholes in our laws, they know they will almost certainly be released and likely never removed. Allowing ‘asylum’ to be the exception that swallows the rule of border security has caused a catastrophic deluge of our border from around the world.”

In other words, the current crisis at the southern border is the result of bad policies. If we just change those policies and start enforcing the law, the crisis will end.

“Securing our border isn’t complicated, and politics shouldn’t make it so,” Roy continues. “If Republicans ever regain power in this town, we must immediately act to secure the border, rather than merely discussing it in press conferences, roundtables, or task forces. Too many innocent people have fallen victim on both sides of our open southern border, and we must prevent these atrocities from continuing.”

“If we fail to do so,” Roy concludes, “we should be firmly held accountable.”

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