Is the Democratic Party Splintering?

The vote to fund the rest of the government for the rest of the fiscal year is telling in a number of ways. For the Republicans its the same party pretty much , but though they are still not eye to eye on all the issues they are predictable. The Democrats on the other hand have been in the past joined at the hip and lock step in their agenda. Today that seems to have broken and splintered. Don’t get me wrong here, they are still all moving further left but some have broken out and outright announced that they want a socialist country. They are holding back or hiding their true agenda no more.

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What not to Write

The people of America seem quick to judge on whatever the news of the day is. Journalist wanting to get the scoop, write and print whatever they come up with,to be the first to get the story out there. To get their name on the one story to make their career. But for the majority of readers the name of the reporter is mostly never seen, only the headline. We the readers barely finish the story before we are judging it based on our views and beliefs. It seems the reporters, nor the editors, or the readers, care if it is factually actual or not. Just slap your spin to it and paste it to the internet for the masses to react to.

Journal American newsroom

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What is Polise Thinking?

Pelosi won't budge on State of the Union address

Pelosi is a Representative of a district in San Francisco. That is all she represents. She is looking small and petty with the stunt she is pulling with the SOTU. President Trump represents the United States. All of it! Most Americans have the common sense to know that walls work and that they would work on the border. At the very least we could see where our money is unlike the eight hundred billion dollars Obama got for those shovel ready jobs that never happened. Build the wall Mr President the American People are behind you.

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Federal Workers Compensation

You might feel bad for the federal workers that are missing a pay check because of the shutdown but its hard to feel really too bad if they haven’t saved up for a rainy day. With the shutdown being a possibility with any administration why haven’t they put something back before this. Its not like they are making minimum wage. Read the below article and think about it for a few seconds.

The Average Federal Employee Is Compensated $123,160

Robert Donachie
Finance Reporter

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A nice weekend ahead

Its going to be a beautiful day, the sun is out and its just cool enough to get some yard work done. I need to trim some trees and cut some firewood this weekend. Its a bit muddy so no dirt work.

Democrates Outrage

Dem leaders slam Trump’s response to bomb threats: His ‘words ring hollow’ from MSN news.

They can’t even come together to condemn attacks on their own party if President Trump is for it. They won’t fix immigration and they won’t talk about the border wall. They won’t talk about or do anything that will make Trump look good or successful. Is it any wonder the American people are dropping out of the Democratic party? They have turned a blind eye to the American

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Voted Today

Exercised my right to vote today! I went at lunch and the line in the bottom picture was what I was greeted with. As I didn’t have time to wait in line I decided go come back after I got off work.


The next picture is what I had to deal with 2 hours later. A 45 minute wait to vote. I have been going to the early voting for quite a few elections back and I have never seen so many people show up for a early vote. We may see a record voting turnout this year. Wonder which way it will go? I have my suspicions and if I am right it won’t turn out good for the Democrats. This is only the second day!


Vote 2018

Early voting opens Tuesday here in Texas. I plan on voting. For most people its the only way you can help decide your future. Don’t think your vote doesn’t count! Everyone of them does.